Food Truck

About Us

Since hitting the road on our food truck in 2012 our mission has always been to show the best of the Latin culture through the intense flavors, aromas and authentic ingredients of Latin food. With our food truck, catering service and now restaurant, we  share our passion for delicious food with you to enrich your event, and to build a long lasting relationship.

Chocklo is a Family Owned Business, with over fifteen years of culinary experience. We use only fresh, carefully selected ingredients delivering authentic homemade Latin American food. We believe that family is important, and from our family to yours, we value your business and guarantee satisfaction.

The Family

Alfred Rojas “Freddy”,

Freddy received his formal education at the prestigious Johnson and Wales University and was inspired by his grandmother Susana and his mother Amparo’s traditional and delicious meals that were the most celebrated aspect of family gatherings.

Freddy’s traveling around the world has inspired and made him more interested on multiple cultures and their traditions, and how food brings us all together. His passion for food took him to create eclectic, excellent food specializing in Fusion combining flavors from Latin-American, Caribbean and International Dishes with fresh local Ingredients. His gratification is to make Delicious food and make his Customers Happy.


Ximena Baena

Ximena assists Freddy with event planning and logistics, contributing with the event set up , decoration and ensures that your event will be a success.

Chocklo and Freddy’s Cuisine also work with other companies creating a network of opportunities to provide our customers with any additional services that they might need for their special event.

Awards & Recognition.